Winter 2019

Velkommen til spennende, inkluderende og sosiale dansekurs i Oslo!  

Welcome to Impulso Salsa Dance Academy in Oslo! The best place to learn the most popular couple dance in the world! 

We don’t just teach moves, we teach HOW to move!


  • Unparalleled instruction!

  • Free access to video archive!

Schedule from February 2019




One course, up to 2x per week, access to video archive for that course:

(Couples – one leader and one follower):

kr 549

Kr 979



Unlimited access to classes and video archive:

(Couples – one leader and one follower):

kr 749

Kr 1270

8 PACK  Punch card for one person.

kr 1590

Drop-in Single class (1st time is free/gratis)

kr 240

Student Testimonials:

I took my first private lesson with Erik with only a couple of salsa classes behind me.  He taught me how to connect, to feel and trust your partner (I'm still learning this). Erik truly has that gift. When you let your mind take a back seat and allow your movement flow together with your partner, it's THAT feeling you strive for on the dance, fulfillment, expression and most importantly, connection without saying a word. I now have a new love in my life.....SALSA!!!!

Angela Ogdee

I strongly recommend both private lessons and salsa classes with Impulso. They are wonderful teachers that provides a quick and thorough introduction/training in salsa. You will see results. They have a way to teach dance in which I have not experienced elsewhere. They have patience with their “students”, encourage you and give you confidence. Here it is not only focus on learning the steps, but also on body control, how relate to dance partner, details of movement and last but not least the joy of dancing. I loved it!

Kristin Bjørseth

I have taken private lessons at impulso. And they are just great teachers! Eric thaught me all about the partner work. How to really follow your partner without thinking the moves ahead. He has this incredible way of explaining things that you just get it!! The great teacher I have ever had! I would highly recommend Impulso!!

Katja Kovaleva

Jeg hadde det skikkelig gøy i går! Dere er engasjerte og entusiastiske og det smitter! Måten dere får alle til å danse sammen på er flott! Mange av oss kommer alene og vi slipper å by opp folk vi ikke kjenner så godt.

Janne Hals

The instructors are not only amazing teachers, but genuinely kind-hearted people who truly care about each and every person they meet. Their passion and talent for Salsa and helping people learn is displayed in every interaction with them. They are willing to go above and beyond to help ensure that everyone gains skills and most importantly has fun. The classes and community is very welcoming so that no one feels left out or out of place. I highly recommend taking classes at Impulso Salsa!

Chris Veazey

Jeg har vært i klassene til mange verdenskjente instruktører, Erik du er den beste!! Jeg vill aldri hatt mine danseferdigheter uten de timene.

Kenneth Myrhaug

When I started dancing with Impulso I had fairly low self esteem. Two years later I was on stage alone preforming a self made choreography. Erik will not only teach you the steps and techniques in a very easy and understandable way. He will teach you what dancing is all about and what it means to be a dancer. He can change you as a person through dance. I don't call him sensei for fun, I do it because to me that is what he is.

Geir Tuseth

Amazing teachers! They make you feel comfortable when you make a mistake and really give you the confidence to continue getting better everyday, which you will. With their help you will love to learn how to dance salsa and bachata!!!!!!!! Come and check them out at least once and you will see they are the best instructors!

Nicholas Caterino

I wish I have taken Erik as my dance teacher many years ago. He is an excellent teacher. I have been taking dance lessons regularly for years from International Standard Modern, both American Styles, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and more. I can tell a good teacher from the rest. I really appreciate Erik's teaching. He is an excellent top teacher.

Lily Wu

Over the past three years I've taken Salsa private sessions from some of the most talented instructors. Recently I had the pleasure of taking a Salsa private session with Erik of Impulso Dance Academy. Just when I thought the Aha moments in Salsa were coming to a close, this highly talented and experienced teacher managed to elevate my Salsa dance technique to a higher level. Thank you Erik, you are truly a gem and my only regret is that my home is thousand of miles away from Oslo. Best wishes!

Eduardo Cancino

Just finished my first private salsa lesson with Erik, and I can't stop smiling! He has a splendid teaching style that really put me at ease and felt very natural to understand. Of course, he started the lesson asking what I was looking to get out of it, and he truly delivered! It was the perfect combination of technique that I needed and some really fun partner dancing where we focused on how to follow a lead. I would definitely recommend a private lesson to anyone playing with the idea. I look forward to all that Impulso dance studio has to offer!

Laura Gilpin

Mange takk instrultører for en fantastisk danseopplevelse! Vi er kjempefornøyde med time 🙂 Kjempegøy 🙂 Vi gleder oss til neste time Loved it! Loved it! This dance class is an incredible source of good energy 🙂


My husband Paul and I had been talking about exploring Latin dance lessons for some time, yet the opportunity and location had always eluded us. So we were surprised a couple weeks ago to find that Impulso Salsa was offering a few free classes and workshops so near to our home! When we arrived, we were kindly greeted and as the class began, we fell in love with their teaching techniques, style, and teamwork. Their humor and interaction creates a lighthearted atmosphere, which makes everyone feel comfortable immediately!! They bring both experience and teaching skills to the table. Highly recommended!

Lindsey Daniels

Impulso har kjempedyktige instruktører som gjør at vi lærer salsa raskt. Instruktørene er flinke på gruppeundervisning, men de gir også mye tid 1 til 1 slik at vi får best mulig teknikk. Anbefales på det sterkeste!

André Johansen

Jeg har drevet med forskjellige kampsporter nesten hele mitt liv. Jeg kan kjenne igjen Instruktører som instrukterer bort kun for å pleie sitt ego eller for at dem rett og slett må. Erik er ikke kun instruktør men en lærer. Han har en utrolig evne til å tilpasse seg til hver ENKEL person å dem pin-pointer eksakt hva du må forandre eller tenke annerledes for å komme deg videre. Impulso tilbyr er en leken og morsom "atmosfære" som gjør at lære prosessen blir moro.  På grunn av dem så har jeg blitt helt addicted to Salsa 🙂

Erick Jørgensen

Fantastiske og spesielt dyktige profesjonelle instruktører. Samtidig er de så jordnære og personlige. De instruerer på en så forståelig og tålmodig måte at ALLE kan lære å danse salsa. Jeg simpelthen elsker nå å danse salsa, glemmer tid og sted:) Håper jeg kan fortsette med dette helt til livets ende:) Tusen takk for de herlige personer dere er:)

Marianne Jetteberg

The classes at impulso are great! The teachers are so creative and fun while explaining, just amazing teachers. I love that they take a lot of time to teach solo/individual dancing skills in each class. They are so structured, patient with everybody and make sure nobody is confused. They arrange free parties that is only for students so we can practice dancing together before we go out to the "real" clubs. So happy that I found them!

Karina Filus

Absolutely the best dance teachers I have ever taken private lessons with! Not only did I learn a lot every single time but they make you feel good and secure in your self and your dancing ability while learning! And you really get your money's worth! They are actually quite cheap compared to what other teachers on their level charge! Got a lot of compliments from other dancers on my technical skills improving after my lessons with Erik, totally recommend them! Always looking forward to my next class with Impulso ❤️

Kathrine Jenssen

Veldig hyggelige instruktører. Tok oss imot når vi kom, brukte humor i undervisningen, fikk oss til å slappe av. Flink å lære bort. Superdyktige! Vi gleder oss til fortsettelsen.

anonymous oslo

Impulso er et nytt og spennende senter med dans, trening og kultur i Oslo. BLI MED PÅ MOROA!