Intensivt helgekurs i Oslo Sentrum! Lær å danse på en eneste helg!

23-24 oktober: Lø og Sø kl 13.30-16

Elka (Venezuela) and Erik (Norway) represent the born natural dancer and the guy with zero talent who became a professional world championship level dancer. Erik may be the most experienced teacher in Norway. He has been teaching almost 5000 group classes and 1500 private lessons the last 4 years.

Your Instructors: Elka and Erik have a unique way of teaching that radically simplifies the learning process.  Learning how to dance will feel like an awesome AHA-experience! You should not miss this!

Erik og Elka
Hello! We are ready to give you the best possible start – Are you ready to learn?!

Imagine being able to reach out your hand and invite someone to the dance floor when you hear a great song such as Nikita (by Elton John), Smooth Operator (by Sade) or X (by Nicky Jam).  

Dedicate one weekend of your life and you’ll be able to do it! In the shortest time possible you’ll learn the simple and universal dance principles that are common to all couple dance. 

We believe that confidence comes from KNOWING 100% what you are doing and that’s what you’ll get from this course! 

Learning how to dance has reputation to be difficult. We love to smash that myth! Learning is easy, it is the teaching that is difficult – and we can teach! 

“Fantastic teachers and amazing people! If you want to learn to dance, this is the place to do it” – Kathrine Jenssen, FB-review

This beginners course covers the simple and universal dance principles that are common to ALL couple dances.

What you’ll learn

  • How to listen to the music
  • How to destroy two-left-feet syndrome
  • How to enjoy yourself on the dance floor without partner
  • How to connect to and dance with your partner to any music

Welcome to the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn dancing!

impulso dance oslo

Learn all you need in one single weekend! 


The course runs over two days. Saturday covers solo dancing and on Sunday You’ll learn how to simplify solo dancing so you can dance with a partner. (Bring a partner for Sunday. If you don’t have one from before, you may find some in the course on Saturday).

  • Erfaring/talent ikke nødvendig
  • Arbeidergata 4, et steinkast fra Stortinget.
  • Kl 13.30-16 Lørdag & Søndag
  • Pris: kr 650,- per dag, (850,- for begge)

Sign up: Send sms til 938 59095: dance, name, email.
– dance, Bjarte Viskelær, bvisklr@kulepenn.not

Betal med Vipps, Kontant, kreditkort eller betale direkte til Kontonummer: 15035004340

(100% satisfaction or money back!)

Simply show up with ZERO expectations and be prepared to experience a new way of learning and we’ll provide you with a phenomenal experience that will end with you being able to dance with confidence and style.