Om oss


Impulso har dansestudio i Oslo sentrum.

Erik Roland

Erik Roland, is the founder of impulso.

Erik has been teaching and performing worldwide since 2003 and is famous for his teaching skills. He has a gift for translating complex body movement and the concept of musicality into actionable, understandable insights. Erik quit his job as economics professor in 2007 to pursue his passion of teaching dance. Thousands of people have become skilled social dancers with the help of Erik, some became great teachers and dance champions. Besides dance, he may bee seen in fitness centers where he teach fitness classes every day.

As a dancer, Erik has represented Norway at numerous international dance congresses and festivals throughout Europe, Asia and North America. He was the first dancers from Norway to be invited to perform at the biggest salsa show in the world (Los Angeles Salsa Congress) and the first to represent Norway in the world championships of salsa dancing where he placed 8th.

Elka Sierra

Elka Sierra is from Venezuela and dancing is part of her DNA.

Erik inspired her to discover her passion and attitudes towards professional dancing: both as exhibition and teaching. Over the last year, she has participated in a wide variety of dancing events, including performances in several stages all around Norway with Erik as mentor and dancing partner.